How to recover you data when computer refuse to boot


A lot of times we have been victims of data lose in one way or the other. Hard disk failure is an inevitable event that must happen one day, because of this it is therefore important that we know what to do even if we have backed up, but what of the most recent job you just did that you have not backed up? Are you going to lose that one?.

When your computer suddenly refuses to boot there are some steps that you can take to retrieve your files.

1. Get an External Case

Once your computer refuse to boot the most reliable means of retrieving your data is to get a Hard disk external case that you can connect to another computer using a USB cable. This method gives you access to your files before calling a pro.

2. Use a LiveCD

Don’t have access to a second computer for doing as you please? This method will be ideal, then. You’ll need to get temporary access to a computer with Internet and a DVD burner. Download a Linux LiveCD, Small Linux is the smallest, but also has issues mounting hard drives. The most simple for an average computer user would be Puppy Linux. It has a larger file size, but should recognize your drive.
Burn the Live CD ISO to a CD and insert it into your computer (the one with the crashed hard drive). Restart the computer and when it the computer logo appears, press F2 (or whatever key for your system) to enter BIOS. Change the boot sequence to CD first, Save and then Exit.

The Live CD will start, simply follow the directions on the screen–don’t worry, nothing is being done to your hard drive. The OS will start, and you should see your hard drive mounted on the desktop–something like “60GB”, etc. Plug in a second drive and copy and paste the folders over.

3. Data Recovery Software

if these two options sound confusing or difficult, you can get a data recovery software for just few $ and use it to recover your files. There are a lot of such software’s on the net some you can use their trial version to get your files.

5. Call a Professional

If you fell is very difficult for you, simply take your hard drive a professional that will be able to retrieve your document, it may be costly but it’s worth it except the files is not very important.

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