Top Programming Languages to learn in 2022

The space for programming languages is expanding day by day. And the programming language trends are attracting students from all disciplines, regardless of whether they come from a programming or non-programming background.

Due to the advancement of technology and the world’s shift towards automation, artificial intelligence, Nano-technology, and user-friendly devices, the space for programming languages is expanding day by day. 

Programming language trends are attracting students from all disciplines, regardless of whether they come from a programming or non-programming background. Today we’ll discuss the Top Programming Languages to learn in 2022, which will help you initiate your career in the booming information technology industry. Let’s get started! Shall we?

Top Programming Language To Learn in 2022


A scripting language like JavaScript has become one of the most widely used. At the same time, it’s an important technology and a high-level programming language and used as Client-side programming by 97.6% of all websites. Web browsers are a natural fit for this technology; however, they can also be used to build non-browser applications and server-side websites.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Python at some point. The language’s readability has made it a breeze to learn for newcomers. Accessibility and open-source are two other features that set this language apart. Fortunately, it is easy to integrate with web services and has user-friendly data structures and community building and support modules. So, these Python web development features should be utilized to their fullest extent.


Java is the most widely used programming language in history. An object-oriented framework that can run on Android, Windows, and Mac is owned by Oracle Corporation. Usually, writing once and running anywhere is made possible by the WORA principle. Since Java can run on a wide variety of devices, from servers to smartphones, it is well-known worldwide.


A seasoned pro, PHP was first released in the early 1990s. For many years, learning PHP was crucial for any aspiring web developer, as PHP powers more than 80% of the internet’s websites. Yahoo and Facebook are also included in this category. Undoubtedly, PHP has been around for nearly 30 years, and it continues to be a popular programming language.


In 2011, JetBrains introduced Project Kotlin, a general-purpose programming language. Functional programming languages and Java were supported in the first version, which hit the market in 2016.

Nowadays, Kotlin has become a popular choice for app developers building desktop, web, server-side, and Android applications. Programmers proficient in Java agree that Kotlin is a better alternative. Kotlin is used in most of Google’s apps if you’ve noticed. PostMates, Pinterest, and Coursera are all well-known users of this platform.

C# programming Language logo

C# became popular in the 2000s due to its support for object-oriented programming and Microsoft’s trust. C#, on the other hand, is the programming language of choice for the.NET framework. As their founder Anders Hejlsberg claimed, the language is more like C++ than Java.

The platform is looking for help from various other programming platforms. Therefore, this language is the best choice for Android, iOS, and Windows app development.


A few years ago, Swift made it into the top 10 monthly TIOBE Index rankings of programming languages. This is due to Apple’s 2014 development to speed up the creation of Linux and Mac applications. Swift, unlike Objective-C, is a free and open-source programming language.

Swift requires fewer coding skills than other languages. IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox can also be used with it. In addition, Flappy Bird, SoundCloud, Firefox, Mozilla, and WordPress are just a few of the well-known apps and games built with Swift.

Top programming languages for web development

Most of these programming languages mentioned here can be used for web development but the top programming languages for web development that is among this list are

PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS (even though HTML & CSS didn’t make the list of top 7 programming languages to learn in 2022 they are definitely among the top programming languages for web development.

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Is there any other programming language you feel should be among these top 7 programming languages to learn in 2022. Please let us know in the comment section below.

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