The best way to keep your computer safe


The best way to keep computer safe
Computer security is a very vital and a very important aspect of the computer, especially when your computer has a lot of vital information and documents that you cannot afford to loose.
A lot of computer users suffer from data lose as a result of poor computer security. If your computer is vulnerable to virus attacks, you are likely to experience computer crashes and heavy data lose.

Keeping your computer safe and secured is just like owning a car, fueling it, washing it and changing oil, makes your car gives you maximum performance.
In this article I will be sharing with your some step to take in other to keep your computer safe and secured.

1. Limit your account user right

If you have an administrative right on the computer that means you can install any thing and also perform any system configuration on the computer, so also viruses using your administrative right can install themselves on the computer and also enter registry values. But when you limit your user right to a power user, no auto run file will be able to run on your computer without your permission and also no system configuration will be done on your machine without your permission, but when you want to install a program you right click on the program and click run as then enter the admin user name and password. Or you log of the current user and log in as administrator to install or configure your computer.
How to Change your user account right can be found here. This is the first step in keeping your computer safe.

2. Use Internet security software

Using a good internet security will not only keep you safe from viruses it will also monitor spyware and malwares also it will monitor your internet connections and sites that are harmful to your computer will be blocked
A good internet security should be updatable offline, easy to use and configured, and must be able to dictate harmful programs and sites and prompt for user action to run or block.
Remember that you have to make sure that your antivirus solution is consistently updated.

3. Perform system cleanup regularly

Performing system clean up erases all the junk files that accumulate memory in your computer. If you clean up your computer regularly, your system will run faster. How to clean up your junk files read the article here.

4. Scan external drives:

Because you never can tell if an external drive has a virus by merely looking at it, you need to scan any external drive attached to your computer before using it.
Lastly scan your computer frequently so that if any infectious file has entered your computer, your internet security will remove it.
If these steps have been taking, you are on your way to keeping your computer safe and secured.

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