How to enable parental control in Dlink wireless router DIR-300


Networking the computer at home can be very nice, being able to share resources without having to go to the individual computers. It really makes communication with your kids very easy.

Before you network your home computers, have you ever thought of how you can control your kids, I mean prevent them from viewing pornographic sites and harmful sites. Do you have software to do this for you? has the software actually done it? The good news is you can do just that with DLink wireless router DIR-300. I was troubleshooting my wireless network and stumbled into the parental control so I decided to share it with all my readers.
Just follow the steps below.

After setting up your router and logging into your router, I believe you have the password or know how to reset your router if you don’t have the password.

Setting parental control:
when you are logged into your router look at the left pane of the router you will find parental control. Click on it. When it opens, under configure parental control click the drop down box and select parental control on and deny access to only theses sites. Below that check the check box and enter the website URL. You have 25 sites to block, sometimes you may want to schedule some sites, i.e. schedule the time they will be able to visit the site. To do this after checking the box and entering the website url. Click add new. A new window will load you enter the name of the schedule. E.g. sports time if you want your children to access a sports site at a scheduled time. Next select the days, set the time. When you are through click on save changes. Restart all the computers on the network and try it. The site will be blocked.

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computer guru
13 years ago

if the router can be powered simply connect the damaged router to a single computer and logging there you will see your settings copy it. if you have more than one computer power the new router on the other computer and and enter the settings from the old router. thats it.

14 years ago

thank you for the help, but what if i want to restrict more than 25 sites?

14 years ago

Tanx for this great article. but my router got damaged by tunder strick, how do i recover my settings in the router for the new one that i bought

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